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This is just a few of the projects we have undertaken over the past few years. The links refer to our original website or contact us here or see our papers

One of our Historical projects. The testing showed that the bridge had the capacity to meet with the new axle loads to be imposed. A definite case of foresight as the bridge over 100 years old

A mixture of Asian and federation design known as the Taj Malal of the North in Malaysia. Built to last one of fifty structures we have evaluated over the past few years

We have designed and produced concrete that can stand 1600 deg C, Molten steel, and still is good condition after years of continuous use.

From timber recreational to heavy industrial petro-chemical terminals we have tested about all types. With some 50,00 marine piles. And a few Kms of deck

Two hundred railway structures of nearly every type and material used in bridge construction

Bawden Bridge

Marine jetties


Ipoh Railway station

British Aid Project Indonesia

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