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Integrity Testing Pty. Ltd. was formed as the Australian office of Materials Consultants Ltd., originally founded in Hong Kong in 1978 and expanded to Asia in 1982.

The original founders of Materials Consultants Ltd are the directors of I.T. Pty Ltd., being David Tongue, with over 35 years experience of materials and diagnostic evaluations. The other director with over 25 years experience being John Higgs, his specialties being the development of NDT testing techniques and research.

This gives over 60 years experience of the directors, with a successful company profile of 28 years. Even with all this experience, we still need specialist advice and have a number of eminent consultants, particularly for metallurgical, cathodic protection and laboratory testing.

Our particular major fields are:-

Timber, Concrete and steel testing of poles and piles.

Bridge testing using our exclusive DBTS system

Total asset solutions for all your maintenance needs.


Bridge testing  

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Myola East, Toolleen, Vic 3551.


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PO BOX 1299, Bendigo, Vic 3552.




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Phone: 03 54440782

Fax: 03 54413810

E-mail: Info@integrity

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ABN 66 061 419 985

Esperance jetty WA, pile Testing and pile repairs.

DBTS testing of Bridge

Baw Baw, Vic.

Termite protection of

Timber power poles Vic


Location of defects of Tie rods and protection.

Geelong. Vic.

Mod-shock tests of concrete poles, NSW.

Historical Bridges either cast iron circa 1890, concrete circa 1900 shown an Anderson - monash arch Victoria


Investigation of concrete pole failures, Hillston, NSW

Building inspections specialising on internals and facades. Australia and Over seas